About Us

Long Island Pure Water Ltd. was formed by citizens of Long Island who recognize the vulnerability and significance of Long Island’s sole source aquifer, which serves as the only drinking water source for nearly 3 million people. Long Island’s industrial history, growing population and lack of enforcement of environmental laws and regulations, all collectively threaten the integrity of this precious natural resource. Long Island Pure Water Ltd.’s focus is on the restoration of the aquifer in those areas already contaminated, prevention of further contamination and protection of the overall quality and quantity of the water supply for future generations.
Long Island Pure Water Ltd. also recognizes the importance of the saltwater surface water bodies, our tributaries and bays, which surround Long Island. Year after year these waters suffer from degradation caused by toxic pollutants and harmful algae blooms. The negative impacts on the surface waters greatly affect our local economy, limit recreational activities and are incredibly harmful to wildlife, including shellfish, fin fish and avian species. Long Island Pure Water Ltd.’s focus is on the restoration of surface water quality, the prevention of further degradation, and the compliance and enforcement of all relevant State and Federal environmental laws and regulations.
Long Island Pure Water Ltd. seeks to accomplish its initiatives through communications and negotiations with federal and state agencies and elected officials and, when necessary, enforcement actions and legal proceedings to ensure those responsible for threatening the integrity of our sole source aquifer and surface water bodies are held accountable.